Our relationship with Divine Renovation was the task of an entire home remodel. With the exception of one room, which we had already updated, Divine Renovation demolished almost all the interior of our home and redesigned it. We had Divine Renovation make our atrium into a closed room to enlarge the public space in our home for entertaining. We have a small home, but having been in the restaurant industry for twenty years, we wished to enlarge the kitchen and change the electric cook top burners to gas. My husband and I have many people to whom we need to reciprocate having over our home for a nice dinner as many of our friends have had us out to dine or invited to their home. We moved the laundry room, which was behind the kitchen, to the area between the bedrooms. This made the kitchen much larger and putting the laundry away much easier. We tore down the wall between the dining room and kitchen and left glass door cabinets hanging from the ceiling in which we display our finest crystal pieces. This also allows those seated at the dining room table to see into the kitchen while eating, to see the kitchen table and the big television. In fact, the entire public space was “opened up” so that when entering the front door, one can see all the way to the back door. We had already raised the ceiling in our living room, but we had Divine Renovation also raise the ceiling in our dining room with hidden lighting behind the crown molding. We left the closed atrium with it’s high off center ceilings and hung a huge modern twenty light chandelier. In fact, the house has a collection of both modern and antique chandeliers. Throughout the public area we replaced our Saltillo tile with ceramic tile. We have a small mosaic floor piece just as one enters the front door, which matches a much larger one in the center of the large open room. The owner of Divine Renovation, Will Cole, is the nicest person with whom to work. His crew were all extremely polite and always cleaned up at the end of the work day. Steffy Clingan, the company’s interior designer, is very practical and personally accompanied me to several stores to select tile, quartz for counter tops and marble for only special places in the house. Whenever I needed someone to do a task such as putting a door on my fireplace or replacing my old front gate and fence, Steffy referred me to the right person for the job. We did have to move out of our home since we had almost our entire house rebuilt, and I would highly recommend that if you plan such a massive project, to do the same. We found a month to month apartment within five minutes of our home so if a decision needed to be made, we could meet the managers within minutes. The project took almost nine months to complete, but we are extremely happy with the outcome. Will Cole responded to questions by cell phone or email very quickly. Steffy made appointments with us to shop for needed materials. Oscar Martinez was the on-site Manager, and he was extremely dependable. He also knew how to install many little things that came up after we had moved back into our home.Everyone who has seen our home has commented on how stunning it is! They say that our master bathroom looks like one you would find if staying in a five star hotel. Need I go on?