“When I gave my letter of recommendation for Divine Renovation, I unintentionally left out a very important person, Gordon Boswell. None of our remodeling accomplishments could have been done without him.

Gordon Boswell was our contract manager and over-seer. Gordon made sure each crew was here to do their individual job(s). He was always punctual and courteous. He not only facilitated the work, he worked on our home as if it were his own. Gordon seemed to know just what we wanted and how we wanted it done. He didn’t just ‘hear’ what we would say/ask for—he ‘listened’. Even in the design aspect, he would know just what was meant in how I explained something (i.e. kitchen cabinet vent hood) to other specific details in our home.

Gordon went above and beyond his duty as contractor! With his help, he designed custom window cornices for our den and kitchen, with a matching cornice over the sliding glass door. I must also mention the custom mantel over our fireplace. After all was done and remodeling finished, I was unable to find a sofa table that would work perfectly behind the love-seat in our den. Gordon came to our home and took measurements. Then on his own time, built a perfect sofa table!

Again, I cannot thank Divine Renovation for giving us all that we asked and wanted. “Divinely” appointed indeed!

With heartfelt thanks and appreciation, George and Vonda M”

(Written by George and Vonda in a letter to our office)