Charity Garage Sale has Another Successful Year

William Cole was on the Charity Garage Sale Committee for 5 consecutive years. The GHBA Remodelers Council (RMC) just wrapped up its annual Charity Garage Sale at the Texas Home & Garden Show. Every charitable thing the Council does begins with the funds raised by this event. RMC’s mission as an organization is to serve its members, the industry and the community. For the last several years, RMC has been able to help numerous nonprofit groups such as Casa de Esperanza, Family Time Crisis Shelter, SIRE Therapeutic Equestrian Center, ECHOS Community Center, Jacquelyn House, Open Door Mission, Habitat for Humanity and The Sunrise Shelter. These are just a few of the beneficiaries of the Council’s charitable efforts, with more projects planned in the near future.

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William Cole at the 2018 Charity Garage Sale.