Divine Renovation Featured on Chron.com

Divine Renovation is featured on Chron.com “Consider layout when remodeling your kitchen” by William Cole

A kitchen is the heart of the home.  Whether you are an avid cook or not, the kitchen is the space that you will entertain in and enjoy spending time with family. Your kitchen layout will make the difference in how efficiently you use the kitchen. A functional kitchen will make cooking and entertaining more enjoyable, while a poor layout may result in retracing your steps and adding time to your tasks.

If you are about to remodel your kitchen, it is a perfect time to re-think your current layout and consider making your kitchen a more useful and accommodating space. Some questions to ask yourself are:  How many cooks are in your family?  How many people use the kitchen at the same time?  Do you eat out frequently? How often do you entertain?

When determining which layout will work best, keep in mind three basic areas: Food Preparation, Cooking and Cleanup.  Traditionally the work triangle consists of the refrigerator (where the food is stored), the stove (where the food is cooked) and the sink (where cleanup takes place) at the points of a triangle. This creates an efficient kitchen space.

Popular layouts include:

U Shape: This layout uses three walls to create an efficient work triangle. This allows the cook to maximize their time doing tasks because appliances will be closer together. However, having multiple people working in this layout may be difficult depending on the size of the kitchen and if there is a kitchen island.

L Shape:  This layout uses one or two adjacent walls and works well because two or three of the work triangle functions can be on the same wall. This shape can allow for better entertaining because a peninsula can be added in place of a wall. If the kitchen is large enough, a center island can also be added for more storage and function.

Galley Shape: In this plan the walls are parallel and have all of the work triangle functions. It is very efficient because everything is closely located.  It is not the best layout if a lot of people are in the kitchen at the same time. This layout may be difficult when entertaining, unless one wall is open to an adjacent room that may have a counter with seating.

Open Layouts

This layout is a popular choice for today’s kitchens. The obvious advantage is the ease of entertaining and the cook’s ability to stay connected with family and guests while preparing food. The lack of walls increases the ability to have natural light in the space. The disadvantages to this layout are; lack of privacy, noise and smells that travel. From a remodeling standpoint an open plan can add to the cost because of the need to remove walls, and rearrange plumbing and electrical.

Your remodeler and designer will help you identify your needs and determine which layout is best for your project.  Then an efficient design plan can be created and implemented to fit your style and budget.