Divine Renovation Working with Angels: Working with Angels is our primary outreach and is dedicated to assisting the people (within our own city) who have to make the difficult decision of heat or food, running water or pay the electricity bill. Many of the jobs performed are for the elderly and or disabled people (creating ramps, repairing small items, replacing light bulbs, cleaning, yard cutting, etc.

The operation is directed by Pastor Garza of Park Temple Baptist Church and is structured in the following manor: Pastor Garza manages the accounts, maintains the books, distributes donations and schedules repairs for those in need.

Funding: Initial Yearly Donation: At the beginning of each year Divine Renovation makes their initial pledge into the account. As the year progresses additional donations are made by Divine Renovation clients and others and include:

Additional Monitory Donations: (by Divine Renovation and its clients). Some can be earmarked for a specific family or project by the person making the donation.

Additional Charitable Donations: (by Divine Renovation and its clients) home furnishings (couches, beds, furniture, and clothing) and removed or excess materials from job sites (cabinets, stoves, microwaves, window AC, etc.)

When the job is simple, Pastor Garza will use one of his church members (usually in need of a job) to complete the project. The worker is paid by Pastor Garza from the Divine Renovation Working with Angels operations account.

When the job requires specialized labor and or inspections, Divine Renovation employees and vendors are dispatched to perform the work. Often without touching the DRWWA account.

Pastor Henry Garza Sr. Biography:

Henry Garza Sr., Senior Pastor of Park Temple Baptist Church, has over 10 years of Pastoring not only a Missions Church, but he also helped bring Bible study into many families’ homes. His experiences range from preaching at the Men and Women’s Star of Hope, to preaching at Turning Point Mission, where he was a chaplain for two years helping men and women get their lives clean and back on track.

Henry is highly motivated and one of his passions is for the lost to come to know Jesus, while that is their decision, he can help them along with the scriptures of God’s Word. Henry has been a Christian for fifteen years and has grown in all areas of his life. His congregation at PTBC is mostly low-income families and seniors who need help in many areas of their lives.

Another passion of Henry’s is to preach in the Prisons, while he has had the chance to do so at least twice, he looks forward to when he will be able to do it more often.

Henry married his high school sweetheart, Alice, after nineteen years and has been happily married for fifteen years. He has three grown children, Martin, Henry Jr., and Brenda. He has four grandsons and one step-grandson.

His wife serves alongside him as the Women’s Leader at Park Temple Baptist Church as well as his children.

Henry currently lives on the outskirts of Downtown Houston with his wife and oldest son. His hobbies are golfing, and he loves the Houston Texans and the Houston Rockets.

Henry’s professional affiliates are Divine Renovation, UBA, SBTC and Houston’s First Baptist Church.

Henry has partnered with Divine Renovations to help seniors and low incomes families with home repairs. They recently completed a project and are looking forward to starting the next one.